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We design and facilitate customized workshops utilizing our highly participating processes of engagement in areas such as professional and skill development; human resource management, capacity building. If organizational capacity exists, we aim to transfer our methodology to build internal capability so that our clients are designing, leading and supporting these workshops.

We combine outstanding design capability with exceptional facilitation skills. We are thoroughly skilled in needs assessment, instruction design, evaluation and facilitation. We have a solid foundation in principals and practices of adult education and human resources development. We work with you to develop practical training skills, techniques and strategies that are directly applicable within your workplace. We are very skilled at developing and tailoring training programs that respect specific learning needs and various learning styles.

Some of the methods and tools that we use include: focus groups, questionnaires, interviews, small and large group discussions; case studies and role plays; action learning projects; story boarding; mini-lectures, self-directed activities; simulations and games, videos, pre-work assignments, video taping and feedback, learning partners and action plans; post workshop assignments; peer coaching and on-line learning communities.

We firmly believe in evaluating the effectiveness of learning and utilize Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of evaluation (reaction, learning, transfer of learning and organizational results) or ROI (return on investment) using organizational metrics.

Train the Trainer
Based on our experience and academic knowledge gained through teaching many students in adult education programs at both the university and college level, we can support your continuous learning team or training department with assessment, coaching, workshops and individual learning plans on needs assessment; instruction design, evaluation and facilitation.

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“Michelle provided knowledge and tools in a fun, interesting and innovative workshop”

Sue MacLeod, Leadership Development Services Program Manager, United Way


“Michelle was excellent. She created a positive learning environment and her business experience was added value to the course.”

Learner, Brock University, B. Ed in Adult Ed program