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Good strategic planning builds on good strategic thinking that engages the whole system in strategic action. To meet today’s increasingly complex issues, organizations must be able to uncover and combine knowledge that across all organizational levels and boundaries. Chambers and Associates help organizations or communities tap their collective wisdom to create a shared reality for strategic planning. We help facilitate organizational alignment by engaging staff, board members, leaders, clients, volunteers and other stakeholders in the strategic planning process, designing a roadmap for strategic change and navigating the change process. We help organizations re-think their way of operating and strategize around how to implement and achieve meaningful change. We then facilitate the change management process to enable employees at all levels to adapt and thrive within the transformed organization. We bring to our clients the following expertise:

  • Understanding of strategic issues based on industry experience
  • Proven framework for the development of strategic plans, including the SOAR™ Model of Strategic Planning (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results – which is grounded in Appreciative Inquiry).
  • Action planning to implement strategy
  • Analysis of organization structure and design to support delivery of business strategy

We also have a strategic partner who can assist in the cost effective electronic data of capture of interviews and surveys to secure insight into market trends, client satisfaction and organizational performance.

We have assisted previous clients with solutions such as:

  • Organizational Learning strategies
  • Human resource strategies
  • Business Unit strategies
  • Board strategies

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“Michelle’s positive outlook, enthusiasm and knowledge of appreciative inquiry enabled our diverse staff of 160 to engage in teambuilding to build relationships, revisit our “educational” roots, celebrate strengths and develop a future vision for our community. We would highly recommend Michelle to any community wishing to engage in team growth and development”.

Mike Bak, Principal, Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, Ajax, Ontario