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Managing change has become a near constant in organizations with multiple priorities competing for time and attention. Effective organizations are set apart by their ability to deliver the changes they plan.

Chambers and Associates can work with you and your organization to effectively:

  • Choose a fundamental change strategy
  • Lead a vision-driven change effort
  • Focus the effort and determine crucial themes that drive change
  • Select the change team and champions
  • Align organizational roles, systems & rewards
  • Lead the transition and the strategies for process, commitment and communication
  • Create a learning organization
  • Assess and modify the organizational culture, values, attitudes, beliefs and systems
  • Implement large scale transformational change
  • Organizational Renewal

As well, to further support our clients in successful change efforts we can customize and facilitate the following change management workshops:

  • “Transitions” for team members of an organization.
  • “ Leading Transitions” for those in roles that are responsible for supporting people.

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““Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi